Ana Babic

As a child of Croatian immigrants, I was born and raised in the close-knit Croatian community of Melbourne, Australia.  I graduated from university with a degree in Psychology and Statistics and built my career in management within corporate Australia.

Taking time out to raise my children, I decided that a shift in career was required to meet my family’s needs so I qualified as an EAL Teacher.  It was here that I embarked on my journey of teaching English to newly arrived immigrants within Australia’s expanding multicultural community.

With Croatian as my second language and having recently relocated to Zagreb, I understand the magnitude of learning another language, and the struggles of building the confidence to use it every day.  Afterall, I face the exact problems here in Croatia on a daily basis, with the Croatian language.

Most Croatian people have an excellent understanding of the English language yet find it extremely difficult to overcome their fear of speaking.  My motto is relaxation and perseverance.  Once a student is able to relax, they begin to learn.  With perseverance, the learning capacity is endless.


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